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‘Going Further With Modern Languages’ – S2 parents’ feedback

Thursday 12th December 2019

Eye-opening …  good  to see  how  serious  the school  is  about  MFL.  Very  professional.

Inspiring panel of  speakers, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Really inspirational.  Need  more  women  on the panel. Big thanks.

I thought  putting  it  in the business  context really  worked  –  I work with  a  Pinsents  lawyer  from Glasgow,  currently  based  in  Paris.

A really  useful  evening. Very inspiring ! Made us consider evening classes.

Thank  you  for  the invite  and  the  time given  by  staff  and guests.  (My  son’s)  takehome  was  that  ‘it  gets  you  more  money, so  I  want to  do  it.’ Hopefully he will  come  to appreciate  the wider  benefits  of  cultural awareness  and an openness  to alternative, non-parochial issues and ways  of  thinking.  I  imagine it will improve his  English  skills  too  as  he  thought  Alzheimers  had  something to  do  with  bones (arthritis)  !!

Really  informative.  Good  range  of  speakers covering different  interests. Used  adood variety  of experiences to appeal to the students, which helped !

Excellent  evening. I’m really inspired (as a parent) to learn a language. I wish other subjects would do this, too, + evening classes !

I agree that all students should continue with a 2nd language. It’s something I regret not pursuing in 3rd year & beyond.

Very interesting. Opened my eyes to think differently. I gained Higher German but can’t speak a word now – wish I had kept it up as I felt I wasted the hard work + 4 years it took me.

Excellent evening ! Great blend of academia + commerce. They should do this for all subjects !!

It was great to hear from the various speakers, very informative of the great opportunities available.

Very informative and inspiring. We do hope and will encourage our daughter to consider continuing with a language.

Different world today than when I went to school & listening to your speakers has emphasised that. Thank you, will take your messages home and encourage my children strongly to take MFLs.

Informative evening. Great to hear it how it is as well as putting it into context/personal perspective. Thank you.

Great speakers. Great variety. Learnt  a lot myself. Nice to hear about personal stories linked to languages.

It was useful and informative. Thanks for organising this.

Very informative evening. Enjoyable listening to all the speakers’ different reasons. Excited to see where my son goes with his language journey.

Very informative – really interesting to see where languages can take you. Thank you.

Really great event by the school. Speakers were excellent. Made me want to do a language.

So motivating. This has totally changed my mindset.

Night classes for parents.

Good varied speakers. Inspiring talks about the benefits of languages. Interesting to listen to.

Excellent evening. Very interesting and informative and the little bit of comedy was nice.

Excellent course about languages for my son.

Very informative. Definitely lots of ‘food for thought.’ Now looking at the importance of languages from different perspectives ! Thanks J

Very well-presented and informative. Length of presentations was perfect. Very informative and inspirational. Thank you.



(Merci – Danke – Xie Xie – Thanks to parents who provided feedback after last night’s event aimed at raising awareness of why S2 pupils should continue with at least one Modern Language in S3 and beyond – Mr Poots, Principal Teacher Modern Languages.)

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