In our world today Computing technology is changing all the time.

Computing requires thinking about the knowledge of concrete and abstract terms which are involved throughout the course work which is required in Computing. It will help pupils to expand their skills and knowledge of the course. This course is very enjoyable for the pupils and they will be set many tasks that they will help their learning from tasks such as thinking, practical and designing exercises. The computing course is a very challenging course but it is a great experience for the pupils as they will be rewarded at the end of the course but the most important thing is that they will have extremely good fun studying the course.

When Studying Computing at National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher level then it is an exam based subject. This then involves studying many different concepts which to apply your knowledge to the course which would contribute a certain percentage towards your overall grade of the course.


Advanced Higher

Further to comments on the recent tracking, AH pupils have now been given feedback on what they have submitted to their Advanced Higher Computing Science project. This mark contributes 60% to the final grade and several pupils have a significant amount to do in order to gain a reasonable final mark in AH Computing Science.

Pupils who need access to the programming software in school have been given permission to use the school computers in room 217 on the 29th, 30th and 6th April between 8am and 4pm each day. Pupils must sign in and out at the school reception. There will be no cleaning staff in school so food should not be consumed in the classroom and any rubbish should be disposed of outwith the school building.

Outstanding assessment work must be completed after the Easter holidays, under staff supervision, otherwise a pass is not possible in the final exam.

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