Curriculum Map

Please click on the link below to view an overview of how our curriculum is organised. The first page shows plans for next session, with page 2 showing the current session.

Reading horizontally you will see a row for each year group and the subjects allocated to that year group.  Please note the number in brackets refers to the period allocation.  For example S1 students in session 2018/19 will have 4 periods of English and Mathematics, 3 periods of Social Studies and so on.

The row underneath each heading that begins ‘R’ through to ‘32’ refers to the school having 1 period for registration, that is split into 5 mini periods each school day and 32 other periods across the student week.

Each session we usually make subtle changes to the school’s curriculum map.  This reflects planned improvements, the availability of staff and feedback gathered from staff, students and parents on what our curriculum should look like.

Lasswade High School Curriculum Map

Lasswade High School