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Lasswade Rugby Club and Lasswade High School strive to achieve the following goals;

  • Increase the numbers of boys and girls playing rugby regularly from S1-S6 with a team at every age group.
  • Raise the profile of rugby within the school and local community through strong links between Lasswade High School and Lasswade Rugby Club.
  • Develop the skills and abilities of all rugby pupils through high quality coaching and conditioning support both within and outwith the school curriculum.
  • Compete with the best rugby communities in Edinburgh, the Lothians & Borders and across Scotland.

With a school roll of over 1480 pupils Lasswade High School is a great setting for school rugby to take place. Through investment from Lasswade Rugby Club and Lasswade High School, we will have 5 teams with regular Saturday fixtures from S1-U18. Alongside this, we will continue to deliver high quality rugby practice sessions both within and outwith school curriculum time. Through this the S1-S2 pupils will develop their KNT’s (Key National Themes) whilst work through the School of Rugby programme, including theory and basic conditioning sessions. Moving into S3 and S4 rugby will continue as an elective option where the programme will keep a performance focus while working through SQA National qualifications. In 5th and 6th year, pupils will continue to have extra-curricular training sessions and weekend fixtures. With the support of Lasswade Rugby Club, coaches will lead extra-curricular sessions in midweek and on Saturday mornings.

With numerous new rugby recruits this year the School of Rugby has been a vehicle to developing their confidence, self respect and their ability to contribute to the wider school life. The School of Rugby has enhanced their sense of pride in the school and club and as a result we are seeing a strong rugby culture develop. All teams from S1-U18 will have evening training sessions at Lasswade Rugby Club. There will be weekly fixtures as part of the new conference system with some friendly fixtures against East Lothian, West Lothian, Border and Edinburgh Schools. There is the opportunity to engage with pupils from the wider community as players who attend other schools in the community will represent the Lasswade Rugby brand. The School of Rugby provides an inclusive environment widening the range of opportunities for all players. They are introduced to the values of the game in alignment to the School and Club values. Competition and performance is central to the programme. Pupils will have the opportunity to progress through the KNT pathway programme if selected. As they move into the Rugby Academy, there is increased responsibility placed on the pupils. The focus is competition and the development of high performance.


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Lasswade High School PE Kit Policy

No Note Policy:

Each pupil is expected to attend every practical PE lesson wearing correct PE kit as stated from the list below.  All students are required to change into PE kit for each practical lesson.

At the start of each lesson, pupils are welcome to raise any minor injury or illness issues with the teacher.   Staff will ensure they participate in an appropriate manner which takes consideration of the pupil’s limited capabilities due to injury or illness.  Pupils must still change into PE kit at the start of each lesson to ensure they are able to take part in the differentiated activities safely.

Examples of differentiated activities for pupils with minor injuries are:

  • Umpire/referee responsibilities in team games.
  • Peer assessment activities, giving pupils responsibility to help their peers develop skills and techniques.
  • Time keeping and score keeping responsibilities.

If pupils are on a swimming block and are unable to take part in swimming, we would ask that they bring normal PE kit in order to be involved in peer assessment activities.

Consequence of inappropriate or no kit:

  • Pupils will receive a verbal warning a maximum of twice per term. Pupils will be provided with clean school PE kit to wear in these occasions – pupils attending with unsuitable attire will be also be given school PE kit to wear. Pupils will also receive a demerit.
  • Pupils forgetting kit more than two occasions within a term will be given a 30 minute detention at lunchtime. The detention will take place on Wednesday lunchtime at 13:05 – 13.35 in the PE classroom. A letter will also be sent home to parents.
  • Non-attendance at this detention will result in a Friday afternoon detention.


Please consult the list below for acceptable PE kit for each pupil:


  • White or black plain T-shirt (which comfortably covers waist band and covers shoulders)
  • Tracksuit top/sweatshirt  (outside only)


  • Shorts (mid/thigh length)
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Leggings


  • Sports trainers (must be a change from school shoes)

PE Kit Policy Poster

PE No Note Policy


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