Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies



As a thriving and popular department, we encourage and challenge our  pupils in order for them to reach their full potential.  In RMPS, pupils can question, think about and discuss their own beliefs about life.  We are keen for pupils to develop skills in critical and analytical thinking, together with philosophical questioning.  We introduce pupils to the major world religions and  other world views in order for them to manifest  informed opinions.  We also endeavour to cultivate a respect in our pupils for others, the world which we live in and themselves.




“confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effect contributors “


In order for pupils to achieve these aims, we use a variety of teaching methods.  These include:

  • Active Learning
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Film and Media
  • Whole class discussions
  • Individual and paired work

We also place an emphasis on developing literacy skills and highlight the importance of Health and Well-being.




Assessment is ongoing through each topic.  In S1, a variety of informal         assessment procedures take place.  These include; observation of              participation in whole class discussions, peer and self  assessment using rubrics, written work, storyboards, newspaper articles, mind maps and poster work.

In S2, assessment takes a similar format.

At all times, we encourage pupils to be reflective on the work they produce and feedback given to pupils will clearly        indicate “next steps” to follow.



Our courses in S1 have been developed to fulfil the experiences and outcomes for a Curriculum for Excellence by focusing on compassion, integrity, wisdom and justice.  These values will permeate all of the topics, which include:


  • Who am I?
  • Ultimate Questions surrounding reality and the existence of God.
  • Christianity (through true stories of people with faith and the connection with the film, Narnia).

Question mark


In S2, all students study Faith in Action.  This focuses on the lives of Nicky Cruz and Martin Luther King.  They then have the opportunity to study another world religion and be introduced to topics based on morality in the world we live in.

picture s2

By the end of S2, we would hope that pupils will have developed skills in:

  • Talking and listening
  • Reading and interpretation
  • Thinking and reflecting
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Investigation skills
  • Imaginative and extended writing
  • Discussion



Pupils continue to study RMPS at core level until S5  Provisions are in place to ensure that by the end of S4, all pupils will achieve  National 3 or National 4 SQA unit qualification in core RMPS or elect to take National 4 or 5 RMPS.  Beyond S4, we offer S5/6 pupils the opportunity to study Higher RMPS and then Advanced Higher in S6.



Homework will be issued approximately 3 times throughout each year to compliment class activities.


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