HT Update Week Ending 20th January 2023

Friday 20th January 2023

This concise weekly HT Update will be published every Friday afternoon with a simple opportunity for you to also feedback/ask questions via the link at the bottom of each Update.  Feedback received, where appropriate, will be responded to and published on Monday afternoons on the school website link. 

Key messages from this week

Calendar: Next week’s key events include:  our Senior Phase Course Choice Evening will be held on-line on Tuesday; the school is closed to all students on Thursday due to Industrial Action;  Friday is a Dress Down Day

Staffing Update: This week we bid farewell and wish all the very best to Rebecca Ling in Art & Design who leaves us today to take up her new post at Hawick High School.

Local Authority Visit:  Our school will have a planned visit from Midlothian Council on Tuesday 7th February.  This is to help support and challenge the work we have been doing, and plan to do, to improve the quality of our Learning, Teaching & Assessment. A programme of classroom visits and student/ staff engagement sessions will be planned for this day. 

Events Calendar: With a view to identifying all potential financial requirements during the academic year, we have been working to create an ‘Events Calendar’ for parents, carers and students. The calendar will list all of the planned activities across a term, a school year and all of the cost implications. The rationale behind the Events Calendar is to be completely transparent with families by removing any barriers and hidden costs to school related activities and to allow families the chance and time to budget.  We expect to share this after the February Break.  Feedback on what you’d like to see in this calendar as we shape it would be appreciated.  Please use the link at the end of this post.

Parent Council:   Thank you to all parents/carers who attended our Zoom Parent Council Meeting on Wednesday. Unfortunately we had a challenge around our Zoom access so apologies for the abrupt ending to the meeting for those in attendance.  We agreed that at our next in-person meeting on Thursday 23rd March we will have further discussion on the format of Parents Evening next session and also discussion on our Dress Code.   

Midlothian Council Budget:  We expect that over the next few weeks Midlothian will build on recent consultations and analysis to outline actions that will be taken to address the financial challenges facing the council.  Please expect communication from next week that will sit outside this regular Friday update.  It is important that you take the time to consider what comes out particularly as the impact on schools is likely to be significant.

If you have any feedback/questions relating to this update please submit them via the link below

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Take Care

Campbell Hornell and Ali Mitchell,  Head Teachers

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