Back to School Arrangements

Thursday 3rd August 2023

We hope students and families are having an enjoyable summer, despite the weather. We would like to share details with you regarding the first week back (Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th August).

All students return to school on Wednesday 16th August at 8.30am.

ALL Students

All S1-S6 students should arrive at school for no later than 8.25am and make their way to their ‘house room’ for 8.30am. For 15 minutes, ‘house teachers’ will re-issue students with their timetables, share important messages and complete registration. At 8.45am, all students will then attend their period 1 classes.

Please see the attached document for our full list of house teachers, house rooms and designated classes. House Teachers/Fire Wardens 2023-2024

Please remember to wear school uniform, bring your charged Chromebook and other necessary materials such a refillable water bottle.

S1 Students

S1 students should meet their S6 Buddies in the playground from 8.15am onwards each morning (just like the June transition days). Please remember to bring along your S1 information card, just in case you forget your school house or registration class.

For the first week (Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th and Friday 18th August), all S1 students will have an extended break and lunch time to enable them to familiarise themselves with the dining hall and playground. S1 break time will be 10am – 10.25am and S1 lunch time will be 11.50am – 12.55pm (first week only).

As you are aware, all S1 students must remain on campus during break and lunch times. With this in mind, all S1 students must either bring a snack and packed lunch or have their ParentPay account topped up so they can buy food/drinks from the dining hall.

S6 Buddies

We are very fortunate to have over 70 fully trained and dedicated S6 Buddies, who will continue to assist our new S1 students during the first week of school in August (Wednesday 16th to Tuesday 22nd August).

S6 Buddies should ensure that they report to Mrs Brown, Mrs Main, Mr Paterson and Mrs Ramsay in the Atrium at 8.15am to collect their signs. S6 Buddies will then meet their classes in the playground and escort them to their house room/house teacher for 8.30am. At this point, S6 Buddies should then report to their own house room/house teacher before collecting their S1 classes again at 8.45am.

S6 Buddies will support their allocated S1 classes around the school and between classes for 5 school days. S6 Buddies will then also conduct a class visit in late August to touch base with their S1 students.

Head Teacher’s Update

At the end of each week, our Head Teachers (Campbell Hornell and Ali Mitchell), will share plans for the week ahead (w/b 21st August).

Please check our school website for whole school updates as well as our social media platforms:

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