Exam Timetable, Study Leave and Support for Study

Friday 31st March 2023

Exam Timetable

This week students were issued with their final exam timetables and copies of SQA’s Your Exams  support document. An online copy of this is provided below.

It is critical that students check their personal timetables carefully and report any errors to Ms Struthers, or to Mr Hunter.

Below you will find a copy of the PowerPoint shared at assembly this week, along with a full Lasswade High School exam schedule. Please note that most of our morning exams start at 8:30, this is to fit with the timings of the school day. Students should adhere to this schedule, and to their personalised timetables, which also include their rooms and seats, to ensure they are on time for each exam.


SQA Assembly 2023

Website copy of SQA Exam 2023

Study Leave

A letter has been issued emailed to all S4-6 parents today to provide details of the school’s study leave arrangements. Study leave will run from Monday 24th April – Monday 29th May (inclusive). Students will return to school on Tuesday 30th May. A copy of this letter is also attached for your reference below.

Study Leave letter – 2023

Study Supports

Our Easter School will begin next week,  offering students the opportunity to access revision sessions during the holiday.  Letters have been issued to students who have signed up to these sessions. We would ask that students make every effort to attend booked sessions, and arrive promptly.

E-Sgoil are also running a two week, virtual Easter School. This covers a wide range of subjects and can be used in addition to the Lasswade Easter School. See the link below for their timetable and sign-up instructions.


Achieve is excellent online revision resource which supports knowledge and skills development across many subjects. This provides the opportunity to learn, test and track progress. If making an account for the first time our school code is: Zx7tGreK

Read and Write is a tool downloaded on all Chromebooks, click the purple puzzle piece to access it. Attached to this post click here is a document showing a variety of ways this can be used this to help with revision.


Our Grade Booster Day timetable will be shared when we return from the holidays, we are in the process of organising this to ensure students have a final opportunity for supported revision ahead of their final exams.

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