Results and Appeals 2024

Tuesday 25th June 2024

Results Day – Tuesday 6th August

This year all students will receive their SQA results on Tuesday 6th August. Certificates will arrive in the post and, if your child has signed up for MySQA, they will also receive a text message or email to inform them of their results too.

Students should not come into school on results day, as staff will not be available.

We know that our students have worked incredibly hard this year – but this will nevertheless be an anxious time. Whilst we hope that they receive the results they are expecting, it is important to know the process for Appeals, should one be required.

SQA have prepared this document to support students, following their results, to support them in deciding whether an appeal is right for them.


Appeals Process 2024

The Appeals 2024 service will be the same as last year’s service – students can request a marking review of their ‘SQA-marked assessment components’ (i.e. exam papers and assignments). Alternative assessment evidence’, like prelims, will not be required for this service. The service will be free and available to all students. Whilst students will be able to appeal directly to SQA, we would advise that they appeal following a discussion with their teacher.

Appeals 2024 will include a priority service for students with conditional offers for further education, training or employment. To use this service you must have an existing offer (e.g. via UCAS) that you can share with SQA.

Should I appeal?

If you are considering an appeal for one of your grades, then you are advised to discuss it with your teacher. Whilst you can appeal directly, and no ‘evidence’ is sent by the school, you might want to know more about your ‘breakdown’ (marks) in the exam, and you should  consider your performance over the last year before you make a decision.

You must also be aware that proceeding with an appeal can result in your grade going up, staying the same or – in a minority of cases – going down.

Dates for Appeals

Priority Appeals –  to be submitted to SQA by Wednesday 21st August (via school)

All other appeals – Friday 30th August (via school)

Please be aware if you register for an appeal yourself there are earlier deadlines – these are available via the SQA website.

If you would like to discuss your results, or the appeals process, the SQA email inbox will be open on 8th August to respond to questions:


If, following your results, you need to reconsider your course choice for this year there will be a short window of opportunity to do so. Please remember, coursing changes will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and where a student requires a particular course/grade for specific reasons (eg. entry to further/higher education, training etc) and not because they have changed their mind from the original course choices allocated. A Google Form will be made available prior to the return to school in August, via Year Group Google Classrooms, this will go live on result day. Students should complete this as soon as they become aware that any change of course is required. Recoursing will be completed by 23rd August.

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