Exam Results and Appeals Information

Monday 1st August 2022

Getting Your Exam Results

You will receive your exam results on Tuesday 9th August.  Your certificate will arrive in the post and, if you have signed up for MySQA, you’ll also receive a text or an email with your results on this day too.

Can I Appeal?

If, when you get your results, you think your grade is incorrect you might be able to appeal. Firstly, you should check your estimate grade – this was sent to you earlier this month. If your final grade is lower than your estimate you can appeal. For example, if your estimate grade was a B, but your final exam grade is a C you can appeal.

You can appeal by registering directly with the SQA, or by getting in touch with school to do this for you.

To find out more about what’s involved in the appeals process, below you’ll find the SQA’s Appeals 2022 document which outlines this year’s procedure – as they differ from previous years.

SQA-Appeals-2022-guidance-for-learners (1)

Priority Appeals

If you are a priority appeal candidate – this means that you need an appeal to access a UCAS university or college place starting this year – then you should register directly with SQA. We will then submit the evidence for you and contact you to let you know it has been processed. The deadline for submitting priority appeals is 19th August. The SQA will resolve these by 5th September and communicate the outcomes directly with UCAS.

Non-priority Appeals

Non-priority appeals can be submitted directly to the SQA, or by contacting the school via lasswadehs-sqa@midlothian.education.

The deadline for non-priority appeals is 2nd September.

Course Choices

If, following your results, you need to reconsider your courses choices for next session, there will be a short window of opportunity to do so. Please remember, coursing changes will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and where a student requires a particular course/grade for specific reasons (eg. entry to further/higher education, training etc) and not because they have changed their mind from the original course choices allocated. A Google Form will be made available prior to the return to school in August, via Google Classrooms, and students should complete this this as soon as they become aware that any change of course is required.


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