About Us

Welcome to Lasswade High School. In our school we aim to provide the highest quality of educational experience for every student. We are fortunate to be part of the Lasswade Centre which is a multi-million pound investment by Midlothian Council to provide an integrated service for our community. Lasswade High School is co-located with additional community services that we share to benefit our students and staff.

In Lasswade High School we offer a range of opportunities to allow students to learn and experience success. We encourage all members of our school community to pursue excellence in everything they do. Our curriculum is designed to develop in all of our students the skills, qualities and qualifications they require for life beyond school.

In Lasswade High School, we aim to create a culture that reflects our school values;  Creativity, Effort, Kindness and Respect.  We believe this allows all members of our school community to learn and improve. We work closely with a wide range of partners, other schools and businesses, locally and internationally, to ensure the curriculum is relevant and ambitious. The excellent facilities allied to the commitment of our staff allow us to offer all of our students the highest possible standard of education in a safe, caring and stimulating environment – an environment in which all members of the school community are valued and their achievements recognised.

My hope is that we can work in partnership with parents and with those from the local, national and international community to provide our students, staff and parents/carers with an experience that raises aspirations, inspires successful learning and challenges individuals and teams to improve.

This website aims to give you some essential information about our school and offers answers to any questions you may have. I also trust that it will give you an understanding of our life and work through our news features.

Campbell Hornell
Head Teacher