School Uniform

Our School Uniform plays an important part in our school ethos. It is visible evidence and reinforcement of equality, sets a tone of rigour towards learning, embeds a sense of belonging, and portrays a positive image of the school to our community and visitors alike.

Between March and June 2023 we gathered student, parent/carer and staff views on our school dress code arrangements for session 2023/24 onwards.  As we expected there were a range of views on school uniform/dress code and valid points made by all those with differing views.

Our underpinning rationale is that a school dress code is important for a range of reasons. We also recognise that school uniform can be expensive for families and therefore are seeking to widen the affordable options available, particularly when there are significant financial pressures on many households. You will see this is reflected in our current Dress Code Expectations.  Although updated in 2023 these remain our current expectations.

Please note that school can support with the ‘cost’ of uniform and parents/carers should engage with the appropriate House Team as necessary.  We will work sensitively with families to ensure that ‘cost’ is not a barrier to school uniform compliance.

We have changed our preferred supplier this session to Border Embroideries.  Blazers and Zip Tops are available to purchase directly from their website and house ties can be purchased at anytime via ParentPay.

As our guidelines make clear we do encourage and expect a more ‘traditional’ approach in our Senior Phase (S4/5/6).   We look to see our Senior Phase students wearing shirt/blouse, trousers/skirt, LHS blazer, LHS House tie and black shoes.  However, we no longer require Senior Phase students to buy blazers with braiding.  However, anyone who still owns a blazer with braiding will be encouraged to carry on wearing it.