Vision and Values

Lasswade High School is an ambitious, caring and creative community working hard to achieve excellence for all our students.  We aim to offer a wide range of opportunities that will allow students to achieve and encourage all members of our school community to pursue excellence in everything they do.

During session 2021/22 we worked in partnership with Columba 1400 to review and refresh our school values.  This process was student led and sought the views of all within our school community. As a result of this process our values base form session 2022/23 onwards is

  • Creativity
  • Effort
  • Kindness
  • Respect

These values are reflected in the policies and practices we continue to develop.

Our school Mission Statement has also been updated to reflect our new values base. It is;  ‘Lasswade High School is committed to nurturing, inspiring and empowering our students and staff to learn,  progress and achieve at the very highest standard. We believe in our values; creativity, effort, kindness and respect, and work together as a community to provide all our students with opportunities to succeed and reach their goals. Our school leavers are equipped and ready to contribute positively and embrace the challenges of being a local, national and international citizen.’

We encourage and support all our students to develop high aspirations for the future, in line with our values and mission statement. On a daily basis this is underpinned by our three Core Expectations for every member of our learning community

  1. Be Ready
  2. Be Respectful and Kind
  3. Be Responsible

Our school is currently focused on improving two outcomes for students

  • Raising attainment for all
  • Closing the poverty related attainment gap

We aim to do this by working continuously within three contexts

  • Improving our practice in Learning, Teaching and Assessment
  • Developing our Curriculum
  • Improving our Quality Improvement processes

The most important resource in our improvement journey is our staff.  Three things are particularly significant in nurturing our staff

  • Recruiting and retaining good people
  • Working with our staff to make them better
  • Getting our staff to do things that work.