Lasswade High School is committed to establishing and maintaining efficient and effective lines of communication across all of our activities, for all of our stakeholders. We believe that high quality communication is essential in fostering a culture of support and trust, and to ensure we deliver an excellent service for all of our students, staff and families.

Regular, open communication allows students and parents/carers to make informed choices in relation to their learning, and it enables all stakeholders to contribute to school improvement.

We aim to ensure that effective means of communication are established, supported and maintained. This will

  • to allow us to fulfil our statutory obligations to provide information timeously and effectively
  • to communicate and consult effectively with staff about ongoing issues, policies and procedures
  • to provide opportunities to consult with all stakeholders and for them to express their views and offer ideas and suggestions
  • to communicate effectively with students and parents/carers across a range of school related information and to support learning
  • to promote and celebrate the achievements of our students and staff

All parents/carers are reminded to inform the School Office of any change to contact details; address, telephone numbers and email. Please help us to keep your contact details up to date. We cannot contact you quickly and efficiently if you do not tell us of any changes to your address or phone numbers.

Each House has a dedicated email address that may be a convenient communication method for parents/carers regarding issues relating to their child/children.

We expect our parents/carers follow Lasswade High School on our social media platforms; Twitter and/or Instagram. Our feed will give regular news from the school.

In addition our Parent Council maintains a Lasswade Facebook Page.

Please click on the link below to access additional details on how we communicate with our students and their parents/carers.

Communications Practices UPDATE January 2023