Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The Head Teacher leads on establishing a plan and procedures designed to ensure the safe evacuation of all personnel from the building in the event of a fire or other emergency.

These procedures apply to all staff, students and visitors. The procedures apply to all evacuations, whether a real incident or a false alarm.

The school is fitted with an automatic fire detection system which will activate the alarm if smoke is detected by one of the sensors located throughout the school.  If a fire is discovered and it has not yet been detected by the automatic sensors, staff, students and visitors should sound the alarm immediately by breaking the glass in the nearest fire alarm point.

Staff, students and visitors must then leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit. Fire Exit signs will direct people to the most appropriate route and exit.  Staff, students and visitors are expected to gather in designated safe areas until emergency service personnel provide the ‘all clear’.  Only then will we begin the safe return back into the building

On an regular basis staff and students are briefed on our evacuation procedures through staff meetings and through our Personal and Social Education classes.

Any parent/carer who wishes to see our Emergency Evacuation Procedures is asked to contact the School Office in the first instance.