Learning, Teaching and Assessment

High quality teaching, underpinned by positive, nurturing relationships, leads to high quality learning. Students learn best when they are taught by inspiring and passionate teachers, who have high levels of professionalism and subject knowledge. 

We support our staff in continually improving their practice by ensuring access to high quality professional learning and, through a focus on innovative pedagogies and collaborative enquiry.We facilitate effective and consistent learning and teaching across the school through our ‘Learning at Lasswade’ framework, and by employing a range of methods to encourage dialogue and collaboration amongst staff. 

At Lasswade High School we aim to foster an inclusive learning environment which has a positive impact on all of our students. This is achieved by promoting inclusion, equality and equity. Teachers focus on, and address, the needs of all students by removing or reducing any barriers to learning in all curricular areas. We have high expectations for all students and a belief that all young people can be successful.

Through our learning, teaching and assessment practices, we aim to deliver the following:

  • A shared understanding of our DREAM values in our school community, through a culture of high expectations, aspirations and respect
  • Provide learning experiences which are stimulating, inspirational and relevant, and which challenge and engage students to think, developing their knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits
  • Develop students who can discuss their learning confidently, explaining their strengths and what they need to do to improve
  • Offer opportunities for personalisation and choice, promoting student autonomy 
  • Ensure a wide range of effective and innovative learning and teaching approaches are employed by staff that are based on current research
  • Celebrate and recognise achievements and successes in learning 
  • Support the social, emotional and physical needs of the students
  • Promote our four whole school skills of; collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication

Assessment is an integral part of learning and teaching. It provides a picture of a student’s progress and achievements in order to identify next steps in learning. At Lasswade High School we aim to create assessment capable students, who are responsive to assessment feedback in order to progress and improve.  Primarily, students receive formative feedback, which provides the opportunity for all students to develop and succeed. As part of the tracking and reporting process, students engage in self-reflection, supported by ‘learner conversations’, to identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

In the Broad General Education, staff judgements will focus on assessing skills, attributes and capabilities against the National Benchmarks, leading to the achievement of a CfE level. In the Senior Phase students will experience assessment practices which lead to National Qualifications and staff will report on students’ progress towards ‘target grades’ or whether students are ‘on track’ to pass a qualification.