Light Up Learning

Light Up Learning is a charity dedicated to offering one-to-one mentoring for high school students in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The programme has supported students at Lasswade High School since 2015. Through this partnership we aim to address issues of unequal access to education and disengagement in the classroom by creating low-stress, supportive, and playful learning environments for young people from less privileged backgrounds.

Those involved begin in S3 and continue on until they leave school. Our students are given the opportunity to take charge of their learning and explore the things that interest and excite them. Light up Learning mentors offer time, attention, and support of an adult; opportunities, resources, and useful contacts linked to student’s areas of interest; and time to develop their passions and skills at their own pace.

Weekly sessions take place in the school, or, on some occasions, in relevant field trip locations, with mentors facilitating discussions, research, and projects built around a student’s existing interests. Not only will students have the opportunity to explore their passions with their mentor, but they will also develop useful skills like collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity that will help them to get inspired about learning in the classroom and beyond.

Students are invited to join the programme based on the recommendations of school staff.  The programme sits within our work to support student equity.

If you’re interested in learning more about Light Up Learning and some of the Lasswade students who’ve received our support, take a look at our website:, or get in touch with our Director, Richard McLauchlan ( or Head of Mentoring and Operations (