Course Choice

At Lasswade High School all students in S1 and S2 follow a core curriculum to ensure a broad and balanced experience.

We offer some personalisation and choice for students moving from S2 into S3 to ensure that each student continues with a broad and balanced curriculum but can make some choices related to their interests and career path.  Mathematics and English remain compulsory along with Physical Education (PE), Religious and Moral Education (RME) and Personal and Social Education (PSE) as part of our core programme. In addition, across S3 and S4, students will work towards an SQA wider achievement award called Scottish Studies.  This is done through the subjects they select in S3 and continues into S4 through the core programme.

In the Senior Phase (S4-S6), students select up to seven courses each year with the only compulsory element being all S4 students are expected to undertake qualifications in English and Mathematics.  Students in the Senior Phase are increasingly benefiting from undertaking a range of qualifications and awards that are delivered by school staff and our partners.  For some students, this means that for part of their ‘school week’ they may be learning off campus or remotely.

You can find lots of helpful curriculum and course choice information on our school website under the ‘Curriculum’ heading.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has produced a range of resources to support parents during the course choice process.

This information can be found at