Creative Design

Creative Design relates particularly to contexts that provide scope for developing skills, knowledge, understanding and attributes through creative, practical and work-related activities.  It plays an important role in enhancing our personal, social and cultural identity.

Learning in this curricular area promotes research, problem solving and exploration of new and unfamiliar concepts.  Students will develop their creativity and practical skills and be encouraged to become innovative and critical designers of the future.

In these circumstances it has, is and will continue to be an essential component of a nation’s economic prosperity.

Teachers draw on a range of approaches to meet the needs of students through carefully planned and well paced learning experiences. The aim is to provide a classroom climate of creativity and innovation, including

  • Active involvement in creative activities
  • Tasks which require a practical response
  • Awareness raising of contemporary culture and connecting with students’ experiences
  • Allow students to gain confidence and skills in the use of technologies in a range of contexts
  • Opportunities for collaborative and individual learning
  • Opportunities to analyse, explore and reflect
  • Opportunities to present to an audience
  • Partnerships with professional artists and other creative artists
  • Craft, design and engineering contexts for developing technological skills and knowledge
  • Graphics contexts for developing technological skills and knowledge

Principal Teachers: Miss Hana Petrie (PTC Creative Design) and Miss Amanda Montague (Acting PT S3 Creative Design)

Main Subjects in Broad General Education: Art & Design, Construction and Design & Technology

Main Subjects in Senior Phase: Art & Design, Construction, Design and Manufacture, Graphic Communication, Photography and Practical Woodworking