Performing Arts

Performing Arts play an important role in enhancing our personal, social and cultural identity. It helps inspire our students, enhance their creative talent and develop their artistic skills.

Students recognise and represent their own feelings and emotions as well as those of others.  Learning in this curricular area supports students to recognise and value the variety and vitality of culture, in the local, national and international dimension.

The aim is to provide a climate of innovation and performance including

  • Active involvement in creative activities and performances
  • Tasks and performance opportunities which require a creative response
  • Opportunities to perform to an audience
  • Partnerships with professional performers and other creative adults
  • Awareness raising of contemporary culture and connecting with students’ experiences
  • Appropriate use of technology
  • Opportunities for collaborative and individual learning
  • Opportunities to analyse, explore and reflect

Principal Teacher: Ms Lorna Hume

Main Subjects in Broad General Education:  Drama, Music and Music Technology

Main Subjects in Senior Phase:  Drama, Music and Music Technology