Home Economics

The Health and Wellbeing of our students is the responsibility of all staff.  Good health and wellbeing is central to effective learning and preparation for successful adulthood.

The aim is to provide a classroom climate of creativity and innovation, to develop

  • Allow students to be informed consumers and producers
  • Awareness raising of contemporary culture and connecting with students’ experiences
  • Appropriate use of technology
  • Opportunities for collaborative and individual learning
  • Opportunities to analyse, explore and reflect
  • Active involvement in creative activities
  • Opportunities to present to an audience
  • An understanding of safe and hygienic practices in practical activities
  • An understanding of a healthy diet
  • Knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices and eating habits
  • An understanding of the role of food in a social and cultural context
  • Partnerships with other creative and professional designers

Learning is this curricular area ensures that students develop the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes they need for wellbeing now and in the future.

Principal Teacher Curriculum Health and Wellbeing:  Mrs Jayne Ross

Main Subjects in Broad General Education: Fashion and Textiles Technology and Home Economics

Main Subjects in Senior Phase: Fashion and Textiles Technology, Health and Food Technology, Hospitality:  Practical Cookery