Skills for life, learning and work

Skills for learning, life and work are embedded in and developed across all curricular areas.  Their promotion is the responsibility of all staff.  Therefore, opportunities to develop skills are offered in a variety of contexts.

It is important that students are aware of, and understand, the skills that they are developing.  Students need time to reflect on why and how they are developing their skills as well as identifying the next steps in their skill development and also how they can apply their skill set in new and unfamiliar situations.

Through engaging with businesses we have established fundamental employability skills that employers are looking for.  By combining these with our own school values; Creativity, Effort, Kindness and Respect, we have developed a Lasswade skills for life, learning and work vision for our school.  This is known as the 4 Cs.

Skills at Lasswade have been grouped under 4 key headings, Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity, known as the 4C’s. Our aim is that the 4C’s will be embedded in Lasswade teaching practice throughout our school.

In the Broad General Education our course planning allows students and staff and opportunity to take forward our skills agenda in an explicit manner.

In the Senior Phase we have a range of courses leading to qualifications and awards that support skill development amongst our students.  These courses allow our students to experience a progressive approach to skill development that culminates in Senior Phase accreditation across a variety of contexts.